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Facilities at Springfield Nursery include a spacious outdoor playground with an undercover area, gazebo, pets corner and a vegetable garden.


Springfield Nursery is situated in beautiful surroundings in North Devon and has some wonderful facilities.

Our facilities include a spacious outdoor playground with an undercover area, gazebo, pets corner and a vegetable garden. We have a baby unit for children aged 3 months to rising 2 years, a spacious rising 2- 3 years room and the Springfield Barn for our pre-school children.

Choosing The Best Care

With all the modern stresses of balancing a working life with your family commitments, we recognise the value in making sure that your child is in safe and caring hands. At Springfield Nursery we aim to create a secure, friendly and cosy environment that is stimulating for the child and gives parents confidence.

Our homely surroundings assist the transition between home and nursery, and the physical, emotional, intellectual and social wellbeing and development of the children in our care is our central priority.

Our Aims

Our aims at Springfield Nursery are:

  • to provide a safe, caring and stimulating environment in a rural setting where children can learn and develop positively as individuals and benefit from the space the nursery has to offer.
  • to provide children with confidence and ability to communicate effectively with each other and carers and therefore easing their passage into the education system.

Opening Hours

Nursery hours are 7:45am to 6pm. 
We open 5 days a week all year round excluding Bank Holidays and a week at Christmas.


Anyone wishing their child to attend must complete a registration form and pay a non-refundable fee (currently £50) to request a place.  We request a deposit of one month’s fees in advance and fees are then payable monthly in arrears.

Places are snapped up quickly at Springfield Nursery so we advise completing a registration form as early as possible.

Children With Additional Needs

Springfield Nursery is keen to integrate children with special needs where it is clear that our facilities and resources can effectively meet the needs of the individual child.


To see our current current charges click here


One month's notice should be given to withdraw a child from Springfield Nursery or to reduce the number of sessions attended. Fees will be payable in lieu of notice.

Nursery Staff

Springfield Nursery Team comprises of a Nursery Manager, Deputy Manager, a Supervisor in each area, Nursery Practitioners and Apprentices. The Staff have a variety of childcare qualifications including Foundation Degree, NNEB, and NVQ’s, all fully approved by the relevant authorities. All staff have enhanced DBS checks.


Springfield Nursery has a range of policies and all parents are required to read and agree to these policies in writing.

Meals & Snacks

There is a scheduled snack time in the morning and afternoon. Careful consideration is given to snack time. Children with allergies to specific foods or ingredients will be catered for. Milk is served but water is always available to the children at snack time and throughout the day.  Bottles of formula milk for babies must be made up and labelled. These will be refrigerated.

We have a fruit and vegetable week at the start of every month where new fruit and vegetables are tried and we make lots of interesting snacks – including fruit smoothies, fruit salad and soups.

Other snacks include:

  • fresh / seasonal cut up fruit or vegetables
  • sandwiches
  • rice cakes
  • bread sticks

Where a child is to remain at the Nursery during the lunch hour (12-1 pm) parents must provide a packed lunch which should contain an ice pack.  We can also serve food at tea time for those that stay late.  Lunch boxes must be clearly marked with the child's name.  Packed lunch ideas are posted on the main notice board monthly.

Notifiable Diseases

Springfield Nursery holds a policy on notifiable diseases and if your child contracts any infectious illness you must tell us without delay and we will advise you as to whether or not your child can attend nursery.

First Aid

All staff hold a current Paediatric First Aid Certificate, and have received instruction specifically covering the administering of first aid to infants and children. On-going training is in place.  All accidents are entered on an accident report form and will be signed by both a member of staff and counter-signed by the person collecting the child.

Toileting / Nappies

Nappies and wipes must be provided for your child.  Any supplied by the Nursery will be charged for. A record is kept of changes.  We endeavour to handle toilet training in accordance with your specific requests and according to the developmental needs of the individual child.


Full details must be given in advance with a signed and dated request if nursery is to administer any medication. Details required will include name of medicine, time of last dose, dosage and times required with any special instructions.

When Your Child Is Unwell

If your child becomes ill or unduly distressed during nursery hours, we will endeavour to contact a parent so that arrangements can be made for early collection. In the interests of other children and staff it will be necessary to exclude any child who has been diagnosed with certain contagious illnesses and diseases. We follow guidelines set out in our "Spotty Handbook" this is available for all to read.

Care & Positive Behaviour Management

Each and every child is treated as an individual.  A key worker is allocated to each child who will closely monitor your child's progress and welfare.  In cases of 'anti social' behaviour, staff endeavour to explain why such behaviour is unacceptable. The staff use only positive guidance, redirection and the setting of clear-cut boundaries that enable the child to become self-disciplined.  Our aim is to encourage the children to be fair, respect property, respect others and to be responsible for their own actions.

Discipline and guidance is consistent and based on an understanding of the individual needs and development of your child.

Aggressive physical behaviour towards staff or a child is unacceptable. Staff will intervene immediately when a child becomes physically aggressive to protect all children and encourage more acceptable behaviour.

Springfield Nursery reserves the right to exclude any child at any time if it is considered that this is in the best interests of the nursery.  This is wholly at the discretion of the Nursery Manager


Children are only released to the adults listed on the consent form provided by you. Release to any other adult may occur with a written authorisation signed and dated by you, or by direct communication with the Nursery Manager.  We have a password system in place for this. Identification may be requested at any time.

Health & Safety

Health and safety is of utmost importance and our policy is available for inspection on the nursery noticeboard together with our fire procedures.


We hope that you will not feel it is necessary but if you wish to make a complaint you must first discuss matters with your Child’s key worker, the Supervisor or Deputy Manager.  If this does not resolve matters to your satisfaction then you are asked to put your complaint in writing to the Nursery Manager. There is a separate policy giving clear guidance on the procedure.


In case of bad weather or emergency, please listen to the local Radio Station between 6:30am and 7:30am. Whenever possible families will be contacted by telephone if nursery is cancelled.

Comments / Suggestions

We value all feedback. Please contact us with any comments or suggestions you may have.